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In March 2018 In Other Waters was 125% funded on Kickstarter. The game is now in development. 

The Prologue Demo is no longer available to download, for updates, sign up to our mailing list here.


An alien ocean, rich with impossible life.

A lone xenobiologist, adrift in a world of secrets.  

An AI, waking from a dreamless sleep, ready to guide humanity to a terrible truth.

 In Other Waters is a unique exploration game which balances narrative depth and meaningful relationships with a Metroid-like world of intersecting pathways and alien life.

Explore an alien ocean.

Casting you as an Operator AI, tasked with guiding Ellery Vas as she explores the planet Gliese 677Cc, In Other Waters is structured around an ever-growing, tactile interface. Through this unique mode of interaction you will chart underwater coursesscan environments for vital clues, and navigate this unearthly ocean.

Navigating a path through the planet's Fungal Forest 

Study new life.

Rather than play as a sci-fi soldier or planetary colonist, In Other Waters gives you the chance to engage with its world through xenobiology. You will assist Ellery in trackingsampling and studying the planet’s life in order to understand how to navigate its ocean. Tracking one species might reveal a safe route through predator-patrolled waters, for example, while biological samples of microbes and organic materials can be used to augment the suit for hostile conditions.

There are strange things in the depths of the planet's ocean 

Uncover terrible secrets.

As you dive deeper into the ocean of Gliese 677Cc, the bond between you and Ellery will be tested by what you discover. The choices you make, and the way you react to Ellery will change the course of the expedition. Through this shifting narrative the game asks questions about the nature of “natural” and “artificial” life, and investigates what it means to be a human in an epoch of extreme environmental destruction. For life to continue it must change. In Other Waters explores how.


In March 2018 In Other Waters was 125% funded on Kickstarter. The game is now in development. 

The Prologue Demo is no longer available to download, for updates, sign up to our mailing list here.


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Hey! I featured your game in my latest list but I wanted to post here to reiterate how wonderful a concept it is from both a storytelling and gameplay mechanics standpoint. You utilize the two in a way that allows one to enhance the other to create a unique experience. Very well done! I haven't played anything like it. Love the minimalist approach to an isolated, uncharted environment that most games would need to show to have any impact. Keep up the good work and good luck with future games!

I think it would have been nice if you could have signed the Mac version, so that it can be opened without navigating security warnings!

This is such a beautiful and atmospheric game. 

Lovely prologue, I hope the KS is successful. 

PS For anyone watching, please consider subscribing for a copious amounts of indie games. 

This is probably one of the most unique concepts I've seen so far. Did a quick little review of your game to let our fans know about it. Good work!

While I don't often see many visual text adventures like this I am really looking forward to the finished version.  Rather than presenting it like I have seen with a few other titles such as the Lifeline series, here we are the AI in control of a high tech diving suit's functions and thus are far more involved in the plot than just somehow controlling a distant person's actions through text-based communications.  The look is very clean, the controls... took a little getting used to but were fairly intuitive as I played along (just had to monkey around with them a little), and you just know that something's gone seriously wrong within the game.  The title drop was alarming and almost... well, its a chilling thought that there is Something there and the missing friend didn't just up and vanish into the aether.  Good luck!

This demo is seriously beautiful! The controls are slightly less intuitive than I'd like them to be, and for some reason I can't scroll down when I'm reading results of scanning (given this game's nature I can't be *quite* sure it's a bug), but the concept is interesting, the UI is a thing of beauty (aside from the abovementioned bits)  and the plot is very intriguing, considering just how many places it could go.

My avast said that game's exe is infected by win32malware wich is virus. Maybe its a mistake since i dont see here comments about it, but i just telling what i saw.

From my quick research that appears to be a false positive, I promise I'm not trying to sneak malware onto your PC, just a xenobiology game :)

I'm definetly not trying to harm your project, i'm actually already a big fan of yours, and i'm assuming, that this game will be 100% pure beauty, last time i felt this way, is back when i was a kid, and strarted to read sci-fi books from my mothers bookshelf. Just told what i saw, i'm assuming it's some wierd interaction with antivirus, so it thinks its a malware.

Here is screenshot.


Will look into it, and thanks for the kind words, I know that feeling of reading classic sci-fi for the first time, and its something i'd love to evoke.

Its not, my business, but i think that you can make a good adventure - rpg - your uniq genre- game, so much potential.

Woah Is a nice demo.

The idea is really interesting and reminded me to Abyss or Sphere. Love it!

Thanks, I hope you'll consider backing us on Kickstarter.

Apparently that was 20 minutes for me to play through! That is quite decent for a demo!

WOW! This is amazing! 

This looks a lot like a water-world version of Mu Cartographer -  have you heard of it?

I love Mu Cartographer, its definitely an inspiration 

Intriguing. It took me a while to realise you could click on the little triangles, but after that the gameplay and story drew me in. I'd definitely play a finished version. I also had problems with text being cut off by the size of the box when I did click a triangle. It wasn't at all clear there was a way to see the rest of it.

Thanks! Sorry about the text problem, haven't encountered that bug, what resolution were you running the game at?

Deleted 169 days ago

Only inasmuch as the basic premise is that you're exploring an alien ocean. Otherwise, the two games couldn't be more different in execution.


A game that combines text adventure with a mini map and some small puzzles and feels so coherent in it! I am amaced how well it translates a story from the perspective of a beeing, that has compleetly diferent sences than us humans.  Also the very carefully picked color pallet and the fiting sound ambience create a beutyfully hooking ambient. 

For some constructive criticism: some times i fel t a bit lost in why some buttons weren't working and how the text continues (like sometimes you click the arrow for the next passage and sometimes you have to try all the UI elements). I hope it's clear what i meant, because i struggeled a bit to phrase, what i meant.

I'm looking forward, to see how this project will develope.

s##t that's AWESOME !!!!!!

Can't wait to see if Ellery found Nomura or whoever that japanese lady was!

just played the demo and to be honest, I was really impressed! the gameplay is really interesting and the cliffhanger at the end of the prologue is amazing! can't wait for the full game to be release... keep it up!!

Played it and LOVED the story as well as the gameplay. Definitely getting the full game when it comes out!

this is really nice. Cant wait for it to be fleshed out!

I wasn't expecting it to be this fun! Simple UI but, super fun game!

Hey, seems pretty nice!

Any thoughts about a linux version?


If you are up for testing a Linux version of the demo, sure! Let me know and ill upload one.

hop, signed up for that :D

let me be your beta tester :)

I will test it out on Linux as well.

Hey, did you find any time to look at a linux demo? Thanks!

Linux demo is up! Let me know if you find any bugs.


downloading now. will test tonight


So! Finally found the time to run the demo.

And i can not pass the screen with the first transmission.

this is where i'm blocked.

Any idea?

here is what i can see when i run the app from a terminal:

Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"
Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module" (In Other Waters - Prologue.x86:25610): Gtk-WARNING **: Impossible de trouver le moteur de thème dans module_path : « adwaita »

(you can translate the last one as [ Adwaita theme engine was not found in module path ] )

Thanks a lot!

Eeeeek I loved it. At first I was a little confused with the controls and I forgot to switch the other thingy .-. oops but it was soooo good I loved it and I really just wanna see more >->

Thank you! Its a lot of fun to leave people to figure things out sometimes. If the kickstarter gets funded you'll definitely get to see more :)

Super fascinating game!

Thanks, I aim to fascinate :)

I just played the prologue. I loved the unique game play mechanics, atmosphere, and writing. It will be interesting to see how you expand the game. However, I dont feel like its comparison to metroid is accurate. At least regarding the gameplay.

Thanks! the metroid connection is really about two things, scanning, and the main game's wider world. Think of this prologue like Metroid Prime's opening space station sequence, it's a linear introduction to the game, but after it is finished the world opens up. Expect something similar in the main game.

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Thanks for the reply. I actually have not played Metroid Prime. :0 I was thinking about Metroid/Super Metroid.
However, I get what you mean. I backed your project yesterday. Good Luck. :)

Fascinating game you've got here! I was skeptical initially due to the strange interface being the only apparent gameplay, but it works really well. The text based dialogue storytelling paired with the map UI makes for a compelling combination and leaves a lot to be constructed in one's own imagination. It sounds like you did your research or have a background education for a lot of the astronomical and biological bits too. Exciting stuff! Already pledged to the kickstarter as well, hope this helps a bit!